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Colour Menu


Need inspiration? At House of Colour, we understand that picking a new look from endless possibilities can be quite difficult. Our team of experts are passionate about colour and are here to help you make decisions. Our Colour Menu is good starting point for selecting your new look.




Bob with Heavy Bardot Bangs


Colours: dark bases, raisin, mahogany, copper, 2 shade contouring.

Inspiration: Dawn Porter

Brief: sleek, chic, shiny tonal, contouring with emphasis on the eyes.


Long, Straight, Bardot Bangs, Variation


Colours: reds, coppers, strawberries, blonde, light lifts.
Inspiration: Emma Stone
Brief: shine, condition, softly layered, slight movement through colour


Shoulder Length Waves/Texture


Colours: Sombre, blondes, pastels, peaches, sky blues.
Inspiration: Rosie Hunington Whitely
Brief: The new shag, texture, easy to wear, dry shampoo a must.


Pixie, Waif, Dusty, Easy to Maintain

Colours: Vibrancy, pinks, blues, neons, flashes, oranges.
Inspiration: Kirstin Stewart & Charlize Theron - short hair
Brief: To create a torrent of colour that stands out but doesn’t overtake.


Short, Feminine, Texture, Playful


Colours: Everything goes, playful, exciting, vibrant
Inspiration: Emma Arteton
Brief: Short, on trend and feminine with colour to switch and vary visit to visit






The Shag is back

Textured cutting, hints of colour with Go Dip Dye and a  blast dry with Eimi Dry me.



Colour Melt

Shape your cut and enhance colour to suit the seasons with a Colour Melt.



Brush Back

Go backwards by keeping it neat on top and wild on the bottom with some brush back plaits. 



Fat Plait

Go big or go home, plaits, curls and wisps all exaggerated, make it BIG! 




Twist Bob

The classic with a twist, a visor of colour in the fringe and ends textured for movement.





Pixie Bob

Go catwalk with a Pixie Bob, 3 cuts in 1 that screams versatility with reds and copper ombre shine.




Feather Fringe

Textured all through for an easy to maintain look and Feather Colour through the fringe area to enhance.





Ruff Fringe

Ruff it up with a Halo fringe and movement complimented with baby lights.




Gypsy Chic

It’s all over the catwalks so stay ahead with the 70s inspired look with modern colour twists to enhance your look.


Once you're happy with the style you've found simply save a copy of the style you want a proceed to book in to fulfil your needs. Present this image on the day of your booking so that our stylists can accomodate your needs.