The Ultimate Long-lasting straightening service

X-TENSO Cera Thermic is the ultimate way to achieve perfectly straight hair without the need to style it every morning. The service involves the straightening of very fine sections of hair with irons. The heat of the irons activates the ceramides in the X-TENSO Cera Thermic which strengthen the hair and leave it perfectly soft and silky. The results last up to 6 months after which you will need a re-growth application to maintain the optimal straight result.

X-TENSO Cera thermic can be used in a variety of techniques depending upon your hair types and desired result. Ask your hairdresser for details.

Do you dream of frizz-free manageable hair every day?

X-TENSO is an in-salon smoothing service that takes as little as 45 minutes and gives you smoother, more manageable hair for up to 60 days. The service involves the smoothing of hair fibres using Cationic Auto-control Technology, which protects the hair fibre during the smoothing process. The result is soft and smooth hair that can be styled and managed more easily every day, to recreate the 'straight out of the salon' look.

X-TENSO can be applied all over or just to problem areas to de-volumise and tame frizziness. Speak with your hairdresser for more information.