House of Colour understand that up-skilling is vital for anyone who wants to further their career. Our new intermediate training course is perfect for those who want to gain new competencies and move forward. 


Our academy is lead by some of Ireland's elite in hairdressing, having won awards on both the national and international stage. Our teachers offer the utmost professional mentorship as they guide you through the steps and enhance your knowledge and skill-set in an engaged and positive way.

Our courses are designed with the student in mind to ensure that their goals and needs are catered for. Whether you require a one-day crash course or a 9 month foundation course, House of Colour can fulfil your needs.

Our training takes place just along the River Liffey in Trendy Temple Bar Academy, where you will feel at home with others that are energetic and passionate about progressing. If you're interested in enrolling, call us on 01–6799191 and speak with one of our team-members.